Herb: Shining Pepperweed

Latin name: Lepidium nitidum

Family: Cruciferae

Edible parts of Shining Pepperweed:

Young leaves and flowering tops - raw or cooked. A hot cress-like flavour, they can be cooked and used as greens. Seed. Used as a flavouring.

Description of the plant:


30 cm
(11 3/4 inch)

Habitat of the herb:

Open places below 900 metres in California.

Other uses of Shining Pepperweed:

A decoction of the plant has been used as a hair wash to keep the scalp clean and prevent baldness.

Propagation of the herb:

Seed - sow spring in a cold frame. Germination should take place within 3 weeks.

Cultivation of Shining Pepperweed:

Open places below 900 metres in California.

Medicinal use of the herb:

None known

Known hazards of Lepidium nitidum:

None known

Plant information taken from the Plants For A Future.