Wild Cucumber - Echinocystis lobata Wild Cucumber - Echinocystis lobata
Foto: botanika.wendys.cz

Herb: Wild Cucumber

Latin name: Echinocystis lobata

Synonyms: Sicyos lobata

Family: Cucurbitaceae (Cucumber Family, Gourd Family)

Medicinal use of Wild Cucumber:

The pulverized root is used as a poultice for headaches. A very bitter tea brewed from the roots is analgesic and is also used as a love potion. It is used as a bitter tonic for alleviating stomach troubles, kidney ailments, rheumatism, chills, fevers etc.

Description of the plant:


8 m
(26 feet)

July to

Habitat of the herb:

Rich soils by streams. Thickets.

Other uses of Wild Cucumber:

The seeds have been used as beads.

Propagation of the herb:

Seed - sow early spring in a rich compost in a greenhouse, placing 2 - 3 seeds in each pot. The seed usually germinates within 1 - 2 weeks at 20C. Thin the seedlings to the best plant in each pot, grow them on fast and plant them out after the last expected frosts. Give the plants some protection, such as a cloche, until they are growing away well.

Cultivation of Wild Cucumber:

Rich soils by streams. Thickets.

Known hazards of Echinocystis lobata:

None known

Plant information taken from the Plants For A Future.