Herb: Leyland Cypress

Latin name: Cupressocyparis leylandii

Family: Cupressaceae (Cypress Family)

Description of the plant:


40 m
(131 feet)


Habitat of Leyland Cypress:

Not known in the wild.

Other uses of the herb:

Plants can be grown as a windbreak hedge succeeding in very exposed positions and reasonably tolerant of maritime exposure. They can suffer wind burn after prolonged storms but usually recover quickly. Very fast growing, it can be trimmed so long as it is not cut back into old wood. Only young plants should be used for shelterbelts in exposed positions and these must not be pot-bound or they will never become really wind firm. This species has been much used for hedging in urban gardens but it is singularly unsuitable for this purpose. Although it very quickly provides a screen, it is much too vigorous for most gardens and will need constant attention to keep it within bounds.

Propagation of Leyland Cypress:

Cuttings of half-ripe wood, 7cm with a heel, July/August in sandy soil in a humid frame. Strikes readily. Cuttings from side growths in March.

Cultivation of the herb:

Not known in the wild.

Medicinal use of Leyland Cypress:

None known

Known hazards of Cupressocyparis leylandii:

None known

Plant information taken from the Plants For A Future.