Herb: Virginia Day-Flower

Latin name: Commelina virginica

Family: Commelinaceae (Spiderwort Family)

Edible parts of Virginia Day-Flower:

Tubers - cooked. Rich in starch, but with a fairly bland flavour. Edible leaves.

Description of the plant:


120 cm
(4 feet)

June to

Habitat of the herb:

Rich woods, thickets and clearings.

Propagation of Virginia Day-Flower:

Seed - sow March in a greenhouse. The seed usually germinates in 4 - 5 weeks at 20C. When they are large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots plant them out in late spring or early summer, after the last expected frosts. Division in early spring. Make sure that each portion has at least one growing bud. Cuttings during the growing season. Very easy.

Cultivation of the herb:

Rich woods, thickets and clearings.

Medicinal use of Virginia Day-Flower:

None known

Known hazards of Commelina virginica:

None known

Plant information taken from the Plants For A Future.