Herb latin name: Cleome monophylla

Family: Capparidaceae (Caper Family)

Medicinal use of Cleome monophylla:

The pounded root is put on the lips to restore consciousness when in a faint.

Description of the plant:


50 cm
(1 foot)

Habitat of the herb:

A weed of fields and waste places.

Edible parts of Cleome monophylla:

Leaves - cooked and used like spinach. The young shoots and flowers can also be used. The pungent seed is used as a mustard substitute.

Propagation of the herb:

Seed - surface sow or only lightly cover the seed in spring in a greenhouse. The seed usually germinates in 5 - 14 days at 25C. When large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and plant them out in late spring. Day time temperatures below 20C depress germination but a night time fall to 20 is necessary.

Cultivation of Cleome monophylla:

A weed of fields and waste places.

Known hazards of Cleome monophylla:

None known

Plant information taken from the Plants For A Future.